The Staffordshire Knot


​The Regimental Annual of the South Staffordshire Regiment, 1923.

The very first, it covers: regimental news for each of the two battalions including meetings, sporting and social events: the Depot and general news including obituaries and notices: historical and personal articles including reproductions of correspondence from the field: Regimental notices and reviews.

It was produced with some difficulty, the editorship being in the hands of the 1st Battalion stationed in Burma at the time. It was the general hope that this first effort would be well received and future publications would have more polish. Including a
cover design – notice of the competition to design a cover is included.

An e-book facsimile of the 1923 original: 108 pages with 17 illustrations and advertisements for products and services.

The Staffordshire Knot
The Staffordshire Knot
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