How the English Lived


A Six Months Tour Through the North of England

Arthur Young, 1770.

A detailed description of rural life in the north of England, gathered in considerable detail during a six month tour of the area.

“A Six Months Tour Through the North of England. Containing an account of the present state of Agriculture, Manufactures and Population, in Several Counties of This Kingdom. Particularly, I) The nature, value and rental of the soil. II) The size of farms, with accounts of their stock, products, population, and various methods of culture. III) The use, expence, and profit of several sorts of manure. IV) The breed of cattle, and the respective profits attending them. V)The state of the waste lands which might and ought to be cultivated. VI) The condition and number of the poor, with their rates, earnings &c. VII) The prices of labour, and the provisions and proportion between them. VIII) The register of many curios and useful experiments in agriculture, and general practices in rural Oeconomics communicated by several of the nobility, gentry, &, &c.”

In four volumes. Vol 1

An e-book facsimile of the 1908 original: 401 pages including 6 engravings.

How the English Lived
How the English Lived
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