Handbook to Agra

H.G. Keene, 1888

A detailed and knowledgeable 1888 guide to the Indian city of Agra, and its environs, including pull-out maps, by H.G.Keene.

Much of the well researched information contained in this little book is still relevant today for the visitor with a serious interest in the area and it’s cultural history.

Keene’s stated object was “to provide a little handbook containing all that is likely to be useful to the ordinary visitor..” This is an updated version of an earlier work expanded and verified with help from his “many friends both Native and European, without whose assistance this work would have been of little value”.

From Thacker, Spink and Co., Calcutta’s Handbooks of Hindostan series, the work closes with a 31 page listing of the company’s related publications.

An ebook facsimile of the original: 158 pages, including 5 pull-out maps plus an index.

Handbook to Agra
Handbook to Agra
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