Flowers of the Sea


A collector’s album of pressed and annotated algae specimens, which captures the extraordinary patterns, fragile beauty and still vibrant colours of these “flowers of the sea”. With a poetic introduction:

Call us not weeds, we are flowers of the sea,
For lovely, and bright and gay tinted are we
And quite independent of sunshine or shower
Then call us not weeds, we are ocean’s gay flowers.

Not nursed like the plants of a summer parterre,
When gales are but sighs of an evening air.
Our exquisite, fragile and delicate forms,
Are nursed by the ocean, and rocked by its storms.

The Seaweed Collection is a special offer of £15 for four such albums, all of which are also available separately: Album of Seaweed Specimens, Flowers of the Sea, Ocean’s Gay Flowers, and Pressed Seaweed Scrapbook.

Format: EPUB3
Seaweed Collection<br/>(four albums)
Seaweed Collection
(four albums)
Format: EPUB3

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