About Holland


A practical guide for visitors by Greville E. Matheson.

In 1893 Holland was a relatively unknown destination for English speaking tourists, though Americans in their search for art had long since discovered the wonders of its museums.

Here Matheson attempted to set this to rights singing the praises of the Netherlands’ fine cities, waterways and tulip fields, tempting the traveller in search of new experiences to explore this hitherto little known destination.

A hand written note opposite the title page points out that the “Drink” sign of The Bible hotel on the site of Jacob van Liesveldt’s original premises, could still be seen in 1894. Liesveldt printed the first Dutch bible in Antwerp, including a woodcut that so outraged the church it led to his beheading.

An e-book facsimile of the 1893 original: 188 pages including 90 photographs and illustrations and 15 maps plus advertisements.

About Holland
About Holland
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