A Guide Along the Danube


Guide Along the Danube, from Vienna to Constantinople, Smyrna, Athens, the Morea, the Ionian Islands and Venice. From the notes of a journey made in 1836 by R.T. Claridge, Esq. With maps of the route.

“Few tours that can be made, combine so many objects of interest and instruction as one from Vienna to Constantinople, which drawing, as to a common centre, the inhabitants and produce of the numerous countries composing the vast Ottoman empire, presents an epitome of the manners and customs of the Eastern world; while the ease and safety with which this tour can now be made, will not fail to render it a favourite one with all who travel for pleasure or information.”

A comprehensive guide prepared for the 1837 traveller intending to journey the length of the Danube and possibly on to Venice via Constantinople and Greece.

An e-book facsimile of the 1837 original. 240 pages with 2 pull-out maps.

A Guide Along the Danube
A Guide Along the Danube
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